Bormioli Riflessi Colored Glass 30cl-set of 3


Bormioli Rocco Riflessi Drinking Glasses 30cl-Set of 3

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Bormioli Rocco Riflessi Colored Drinking Glasses 30cl-set of 3
Designed by Bormioli Rocco focusing on the reflections of water movements creating silky light effects.
Beautiful presentation for any table. In addition, its glass base is reinforced to offer protection from knocks and bumps.

Its size is perfect for serving your favorite whiskey, scotch or bourbon – or soft drinks, juices, water…

Dishwasher safe

Price is per 3 pieces of one color.

Made in Italy.


Available options:

Clear 47cl

Clear 30cl

Sapphire Blue 30cl

Light Onyx 30cl

Green 30cl

Colors will NOT peel off or fade away.



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