About Studio House

Studio House, Cyprus has been conceived from the need to fill the gap of affordable solutions for the home.

Studio House has everything a home needs. Carefully selected, exclusive products at high quality standard, attractive and trendy design, great functionality, but reasonably priced.

The collection covers home Decoration items from modern to contemporary and classic, Gifts, wide assortment of Kitchen accessories, Table-top and Dinnerware arrangements, household Accessories and Bath accessories.

All are displayed in the relaxed atmosphere of our showroom, easily accessible, easy and plenty parking, out of traffic and most importantly personalised service and great attention to each and every customer’s needs. You can view here the testimonials of our customers.

We welcome you to visit our store.

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Bormioli Ypsilon Dessert Bowl 37cl

8.93 4.50

These Ypsilon Party glass barware pieces are a sign of excellence and steal the scene at any event or fashionable nightclub. Their chic design and sleek style give your cocktail party a touch of panache.