Weck Jar 762 – 220ml


Weck Jar 140ml – Ø60XH80mm

A natural choice multi-functional jars Made in Germany.  Store any number of things, from small items to desserts.  Can be used for cooking, canning and jarring, or even as wedding gifts, as candy jars or candle holders


Weck are Top Performance Jars Made in Germany. Here are some usage ideas:
1.   Cook: in your traditional oven or micro-oven. Temperature tolerance up to 200°C
2.   Fridge and Freezer safe
3.   Preserve: Long lasting freshness. Your food preparations will stay fresh and tasty if sealed with rubber.
4.   Take Away Meal: Use the rubber and clips to secure foolproof sealing.
5.   Store: Stackable jars. Allows you store more.
6.   Glass lid: Never rusts.
7.   See Through glass body and lid.
8.   Drink: Drinking in them or pour into other glasses. Lips designed for easier pouring.
9.   Serve your sweets, salads or one portion meals.
10. Gift: Ideal as give away gift at Weddings, Christenings, children parties or any other event.
11. Decorate: Use your imagination. Can be a simple vase or candle holder
12. Leak Proof: nothing leaks out. Airtight lid. The red tongue showing downwards indicates an intact sealing.

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with lid, with lid, 2 clips & rubber

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