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CS-Solingen Bonn Round Spring Cake Form 7pcs Set


Spring form pan made of carbon steel with 6 interchangeable bottoms in different desings.  Suitable bottoms for any occasion: cake, heart, star, santa, bear and a standard bottom.  Bottoms can easily be removed with a spring system. Provides even and gentle heat distribution for even browning and baking. Excellent springform molds for
making perfectly moist and tender cakes.  Durable non-stick coating for easy release of pastry.


Platino Baking Pan 31x23cm

51.14 29.95

Transforming daily tasks into something pleasant is possible. For example, if you choose cookware that is professional quality, eye-catching and built to last. Platino is one of our most famous lines by TVS: an ageless must have that is always in line with the times both in technological and style terms. A safe bet for any kitchen and its best dishes.